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La Catanaccia Football Academy is a football academy for children. Training for children begins at the age of 4 and continues until the age of 16. This is the best age for children to develop coordination and basic football skills.

Starting a football adventure at this age allows a young football adept to learn all elements of football technique, anatomy of the game and the rules on the pitch, especially the rules of Fair Play.


We believe in  practising through fun and education through sport.

We have special project for toddlers  - Baby Football classes  for children aged 2-4. 

We understand that every child is on different level and  our coaches have learned to tailor sessions for maximum fun and personal development. 


We invite all children who want to start their adventure with football, because at La Catanaccia Football Academy we teach everyone to play football. From children who have contact with the ball for the first time in our classes, to those who already have experience in the game.


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Naciskając przycisk "Wyślij", oświadczasz, że jesteś świadomy i akceptujesz warunki Regulaminu Serwisu La Catanacciai masz świadomość, że Twoje dane osobowe mogłyby być użyte w sposób opisany w naszej Polityki Prywatności. 



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